1.Read each symptom carefully.
2.If you are experiencing this symptom, click the toggle switch under the "Experiencing" column to turn it on.
3.The switch will turn green once you've selected the symptom.
4.Select all symptoms that you are experiencing.
5.Once you've finished selecting your symptoms, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
6.Still have questions or would you like to suggest a symtpom that isn't listed? Contact Us

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Headache Rubric



Pain over right eye
Pain over left eye
Pain extends to neck
Pain in forehead
Pain in back of head
Pain in temples
Pain in top of head
Head pulsating / beating / throbbing
Head fullness
Head bursting
Head dull pain
Caused by getting chilled
Caused by fright
Caused by restless sleep
Caused by hunger
Caused by trauma to the head
Caused by eye strain
Caused by anger
Caused by noise
Caused by grief
Caused by depressing or sad news
Caused by emotional excitement
Worse morning
Better afternoon
Worse afternoon
Better evening
Worse evening
Recent over-indulgence in food
Recent over-indulgence in alcohol
With chills
Sensitivity to light
Double vision
Black spots in vision
Face has a bright red coloring
Face has a dark red coloring
With red/inflamed eyes
Becoming cold aggravates headache
Better from consolation
Worse from consolation
Aggravated by menses
Before menses
Headache following cold/flu
Better from urination
Worse by open/fresh air
Better from open/fresh air
Worse by stooping
Worse from movement (even eyes)
Worse mental exertion
Worse with pressure
Better with pressure
Better wrapping up head
Better from cool/cold compresses
Better from darkness
Better from sleep
Worse from change in temperature
Worse from change in weather
Desires cold drinks
Desires warm drinks